GetInPro Announces New Amateurs Tournament League Season for CS:GO!

GetInPro League expands the boundaries of the amateur esports scene! Throughout the year, competitions will be held immediately in 8 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The total prize pool of the amateur league around the world will be $150,000!

The main discipline of GetInPro League in 2020 will be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Tournament players will have access to two seasons – spring and autumn. In each of them, the teams will compete in regional qualifications, seasonal international finals and the Premier Event, which will be held in early 2021. Within each event, the teams will compete for impressive prizes for the amateur scene: from $5,000 and above for regional qualifications and up to $30,000 for the premier tournament.

Regional qualifications will be held online on the Esportal platform – https://esportal.com/. The format of the tournament is bo1, single elimination for qualifications, after which the top 8 teams go to the main stage. Next, the teams will fight on the Round Robin, bo2 system. The winner of each regional stage will receive a slot in the seasonal international league final.

The GetInPro League will host two international finals: Summer Cup and Winter Cup, each of which will close the spring and fall season, respectively. These tournaments will be held offline with the winners of each of 8 regions. As part of the seasonal finals, the teams will compete not only for a prize pool of $ 10,000, but also for two slots at the Premier Event. The Summer Cup and Winter Cup will be held in the group stage format according to the GSL system, with the transition to bo3 in Playoffs.

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