Tencent shut down PUBG Mobile in China a year ago, despite its large audience — according to some estimates, the game had about 70 million active users in China. 

This year India became the «winner» in this race. In early September, 118 applications were blocked there, among which was PUBG Mobile with a monthly audience of 40 million active users.

Starting today, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite will stop working in India. The official confirmation was posted on the PUBG Facebook page. But for some unknown reason, this post is no longer available at the moment.

The post does not mention whether any player data will be saved or where it will be saved. There is also no information about any intentions of PUBG Corporation to revive the game in India by choosing a different publisher.

Earlier it was noted that PUBG Corporation itself will publish the game in India. This will avoid the ban since PUBG Corp. is based in South Korea, unlike Tencent, which is based in China.

And on October 20 was a good day for fans of the game. PUBG Corporation posted a «Corporate Development Manager» vacancy on LinkedIn, indicating that the game may soon return to India. Spoiler alert: The job is now also unavailable.

One of the responsibilities for this position would be to «Support the setup process of PUBG India with guidance from HQ (ie. Krafton Inc.)», would indicate that the restart of the game in India has probably already begun.

While this does not in itself confirm that the game will be unlocked in India, it definitely shows that the PUBG Corporation is taking drastic steps.

We are closely following the situation. In the near future, a review material will be released with more detailed statistics and expert comments.


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